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Welcome to Indigina Tours, your gateway to the mesmerizing wonders of Rurrenabaque, Bolivia. As a leading local tour operator, we have been crafting unforgettable experiences for over a decade, immersing adventurers in Bolivia’s captivating culture and awe-inspiring landscapes. Embark on extraordinary Pampas Tours, Madidi National Park Tours, and Combined Jungle/Pampas adventures, curated with love and expertise. Discover the heart of Bolivian wildlife with us! 🌿🌎 Book now and embrace the untamed beauty of nature

In addition to our traditional tours, we are thrilled to introduce our new concept of “GLAMPING” (available only in Pampas Tour)! If you are seeking a unique nature experience without sacrificing comfort, GLAMPING is perfect for you.

Our exclusive cabins are specially designed for couples and families with teenage children, offering you the opportunity to enjoy nature without compromising on comfort during the Pampas Rurrenabaque Tour.

Rurrenabaque serves as the starting point for many of our exciting tours, as it is located near the famous Madidi National Park.

Madidi National Park is a natural gem and one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Home to a wide variety of unique animal and plant species, it is an impressive place to explore. We are pleased to offer tours to the Jungle of Madidi National Park through the Indigenous Tacana Community “San Miguel del Bala” and their comfortable eco-lodge. This indigenous community has developed a sustainable tourism venture, where you can learn about their customs and traditions.

Our expert native guides will take you to discover the lush jungle, observe wildlife, visit local communities, take canoe trips, jungle hikes, and much more.

At Indigena Tours, we take pride in offering authentic experiences in the Bolivian Amazon, and our new GLAMPING concept (available only in Pampas Tour) is the perfect way to live it. Contact us now and take advantage of our exclusive promotional prices during 2023.

We are excited to help you plan the adventure of YOUR life in the Bolivian Amazon. Don’t wait any longer, and book your date today!

Our Shared Services:

Pampas Tour - 3D2N

Experience something unique; our lodge is nestled deep in the jungle, offering comfort in our GLAMPING cabins. Get ready to enjoy a photography safari and embark on an unforgettable experience.

Jungle Tour MADIDI -3D2N

We offer the enchanting experience of visiting the indigenous community of San Miguel del Bala and their welcoming ecolodge. Discover their customs and way of life, then visit Madidi Park.

Jungle/Pampas - 5D4N

We combine both experiences so you don’t miss out on anything. Take with you the best destination in the Amazon after visiting the world’s most biodiverse National Park and enjoying the natural zoo of the Pampas.


Based on 25 reviews
Just finished up with the Pampa Tour and can't praise this company highly enough. Really response via Whatsapp and email before hand, affordable and great facilities compared to some of the other sites along the river. The guide Jaime and chef Thomas were particularly great. Jaime was super helpful, flexible and knowledgeable as our guide, obviously really experienced. Despite being hours away from the nearest town, Thomas managed to feed us better than most restaurants have throughout South America. Great team and a great tour.
Ben McGowan
Ben McGowan
Very nice, very helpful and trusting Company. Everything went great, the accomodation is lovely situated, the groups are small, the guide had 30 years ist of experience and knew every bird and animal & the food was so delicious. Just a perfect trip, thanx so much for the great experience!
Es gibt viele Touranbieter in Rurre. Wer lieber in einer kleinen Gruppe unterwegs ist, Tiere und Landschaft lieber in Ruhe geniesst, als sie mit einer johlenden Gruppe zu vertreiben, dem kann ich Indigena Tours wärmstens empfehlen. Sowohl in der Pampa als auch in der Selva war alles perfekt, und dank den Indigenos als Guides bekamen wir auch viel über Land und Leute mit.
Kurt Winkler
Kurt Winkler
Incredible 3 day 2 night tour with guide Victor. Thank you for your patience and knowledge in making the trip so enjoyable. The wildlife and scenery was amazing and think we maximised everything in our short time in the pampas. Huge thank you also to Chef Cristina for the truly delicious food, I will dream of the local fried breakfast foods for some time. Also to Expert Driver Marco for getting us safely and speedily to and from Santa Rosa in difficult road conditions much appreciated. Good mosquito nets, nice en suite shower, and siesta hammock room were also big bonus points.
Ben Bavington
Ben Bavington
Nous sommes arrivés plus tôt que prévu à Rurre. Grisol nous a ouvert l’agence pour que l’on puisse attendre le début de l’excursion. Elle est très adorable. Au retour, elle nous a proposé une douche. Elle est soucieuse de ses clients! Notre guide Bismar a été très attentionné également. Il s’est arrêté longtemps à chaque fois qu’il y avait des animaux pour que l’on puisse les observer. Il a été ponctuel pendant les trois jours. La nourriture était très copieuse, équilibrée et délicieuse. Nous avons passé une super expérience avec cette agence !
Laurentine Pahus
Laurentine Pahus
Agencia de turismo con experiencia
Deidy Guiteras
Deidy Guiteras
Four of us got the 2N3D pampas tour and really enjoyed it. The guide Alex was great and spoke English. The food and accommodation was great. The activities were brilliant and we saw an anaconda, caught piranhas and swam with pink dolphins. They also helped us with transport getting there.
ashley millson
ashley millson
Agenzia molto competente e attenta a tutte le nostre esigenze. Puntuali e precisi negli spostamenti ,nonostante il maltempo la nostra guida Alex è riuscito a farci vivere un’esperienza bellissima. Il lodge essenziale e molto curato,la cucina ottima. Siamo grate per la bellissima accoglienza ed ospitalità .
eleonora parizzi
eleonora parizzi
Similar to other reviews, you should 100% book with Indigena Tours! Nobody likes a long review so I'll try keep it short! The office - Grisol made everything super easy. She came and met us in the morning when we got off our night bus and booked our return bus to La Paz when we were on the tour. The food - Christina cooked super delicious food for every meal. All meals were different and all really tasty. Transport - Our taxi driver (I think called Omar) helped us sport capybara and a sloth on the way to the pampas The accomodation - The lodges are well finished and on the water front. They are also further up the river than the other tour agency accomodations so it's easier to go for excursions up the river. Additionally, speaking to people on other tours, they were complaining of being eaten alive by mosquito's in the night, where we had no such problems. The guide - Bismar was the man! He is local to the area and has extensive knowledege on the wildlife and perfect English. He spotted so much and is the reason other tours spotted animals such as anacondas as other guides just weren't as good. He also didn't bait animals with food etc which we heard people on other tours complain about. Additionally, he tries to ensure you have the best experience, for example he went to an area away from other tours where it was just us and 10+ pink dolphins, and instead of pirahna fishing he suggested we just do a deeper excursion up the river which was sick as we spotted so many howler monkeys, sloths etc. This tour is slightly more expensive than some of the cheaper tours, and for good reason. It's 100% worth it - it's a once in a lifetime experience.
Luke Costa
Luke Costa
+591 64149050

Busch St. between Santa Cruz and Vaca Diez Streets, Rurrenabaque, Beni, Bolivia


Yes, in Rurrenabaque, there are financial services available. You can find Banco Unión (with an ATM) and Banco Fie (with an ATM) in the area. Additionally, you will find PRODEM, Diaconía, and Crecer as established financial institutions in the area.

Yes, Rurrenabaque has a second-level hospital and several health centers. Just a few minutes away, near the Municipality, you will find the second-level hospital of San Buenaventura, which has an oxygen generator that supplies the entire area. Rurrenabaque has implemented risk management policies, resulting in a COVID-19 mortality rate of 0.1% in relation to the total population, which is one of the lowest in the country.

Currently, our lodge offers rooms with private bathrooms but without hot water. Due to the high temperature in the area, which exceeds 30 degrees Celsius (except during winter), and the lack of a constant energy supply, hot water is not available.

For our full-day tours, it is generally recommended to bring children and elderly people. However, for tours that last two days or more (with overnight stays at the lodge), we suggest that children under 9 years old and individuals over 65 do not participate in this adventure.

The lodge has electricity only during midday (for one hour) and in the evening from 19:00 to 21:00, during which you can recharge your portable devices. However, please note that the lodge does not have Wi-Fi.

Only bottled water is included during the service. You can purchase additional beverages at our lodge (please consult with your guide).

Yes, our company has implemented biosecurity protocols that guarantee an efficient management of COVID-19 contagion risks.


We are pleased to share with you the list of items you should bring on the tours outside the urban area of Rurrenabaque (3d2n tours).

1. Half-liter water bottle for the first day.
2. Preferably wear light-colored long pants.
3. Preferably wear a light-colored long-sleeved shirt.
4. Cap/hat.
5. Sneakers or comfortable shoes and sandals for walking in the lodge.
6. Rain poncho (economical versions are sufficient, use only if necessary).
7. Swimwear.
8. Sunglasses.
9. Camera/cell phone with camera.
10. Insect repellent.
11. Sunscreen.
12. Toilet paper.
13. Travel-sized soap, personal shampoo sachets, and other personal hygiene items.
14. Flashlight with batteries.
15. Personal documents.
16. Some cash for purchasing drinks or snacks (there are places on the tour to buy these items, consult with your guide).
17. Small padlock (only if you want to secure your personal belongings or backpack).
18. Everything in a small backpack (if you have more luggage, you can leave it at our office in Rurrenabaque)

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