Pampas Tour 3D2N (Glamping Concept)

Welcome adventurers, get ready for an unforgettable tour through the majestic Pampas of the Yacuma River! In just three days and two nights, you will experience moments that will stay with you forever.


On the first day, after breakfast (not included), we will pick you up from your hotel in Rurrenabaque or the airport (if you arrive on the same day of the tour before 10:30 am).
We will venture into the nature of the Yacuma Pampas, traveling by land from Rurrenabaque. We will have lunch in the beautiful town of Santa Rosa del Yacuma and then motorboat upstream on the Yacuma River. During this trip, we will observe incredible species such as birds, caimans, turtles, monkeys, capybaras, and maybe even pink dolphins!

At the end of the day, we will enjoy a beautiful sunset in the Pampas and for those who want something extra, they can join a nocturnal activity to observe the shine in the eyes of the caimans (for this activity, each person must have a flashlight).
On the second day, we will take a walk through the Pampas in search of the impressive anaconda and other animals (for this activity, we will provide rubber boots, but only up to size 45EUR in Bolivia). If we are in the rainy season, we will motorboat to try to find this type of snake in the trees and spot more animals.

After lunch, we will have the unique opportunity to swim with pink dolphins in nearby backwaters. This territorial animal will keep us safe from caimans, and we can enjoy a close encounter with these beautiful creatures.
On the third and final day, after breakfast, we will focus on sports fishing for piranhas, a unique and exciting experience. We will have lunch and then head back to Rurrenabaque, where we will arrive around 5 pm. END OF SERVICE

Don’t miss this opportunity to live an incredible adventure in the Pampas of the Yacuma River!


The SERVICE PRICE IS Bs. 1,600 PER PERSON (233 USD) and includes:
Food, lodging in a room with a private bathroom, English/Spanish guide, water, transportation (from Rurrenabaque).
The service DOES NOT include:
Park entrance fees (Bs 200 for foreigners and Bs 50 for nationals), extra drinks (beer, liquor, etc.), tips, breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day, travel insurance and transfer in/out from the airport.
To reserve your spot, contact us via WhatsApp or email at indigenabolivia@hotmail.com to check availability.
If you are traveling with children, we recommend that they be over 9 years old.

To begin the tour, we require at least TWO people (Groups of maximum 6 people). Before making payment for the services, please check availability on WhatsApp or email us at indigenabolivia@hotmail.com.

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